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I Owe You an Apology

I hate apologizing (just ask my husband). It's awkward. But I owe a lot of you an apology. So please, find where you fall in these categories and try to forgive me.

(Cue Eminem Song: Cleaning out My Closet..."I said I'm sorry mama, I never meant to hurt you. I never meant to make you cry...")

To the stay at home moms:

I'm sorry I ever questioned or judged you when you talked about how you got nothing done all day but didn't know why. I'm sorry for rolling my eyes at you when you were in Target looking glazed over, with stains on your shirt, and your hair like it hadn't been brushed in days. I'm sorry for thinking you had the easiest job ever and that you had no room to complain about how stressful your life is. I have learned the reality of being a stay at home mom. It's. Freaking. Hard. I now understand why you haven't made yourself look's because you literally cannot find the time to do it. Please accept my apology.

To the single moms:

I don't even know where to begin with this one, honestly. You all are champions that are never praised enough. And I am part of the reason you were never praised. Because I just didn't understand. I apologize for ever getting frustrated when you were late, missed a homework assignment or planner signature, or didn't answer a phone call. I have a helpful husband at home and I still can't keep my life straight schedule wise. From this day forward I will be your biggest cheerleader, and I'm sorry it took me this long to realize how unbelievably hard you work.

To the working moms:

I grew up in a home where my mom was always so involved in our lives, but also had a job. I never realized what a strain that was until now. Only working part time now, but soon will be back to full time with swimming, I struggle to find the right time of day to get my job done (because you know that day you have a million things to do is the day that little baby ain't sleeping for even a second). ! I'm sorry for not offering to watch the kids. I'm sorry for ever adding more stress/work to your plate. I'm sorry for not understanding how tight your schedule must be to make the tiny humans stay alive. I'm sorry for not celebrating the fact that you are more than a mom!

To the teen moms:

I hope I'm not alone in apologizing to you. How on earth you parent is a mystery to me. At 16 I was so worried about what sweatshirt I was going to wear to school (I know, big decisions). To add the stress of a child (especially a newborn) to your life is something I cannot imagine. I'm 30 and struggle. So, I'm sorry. I'm sorry I would pass judgement about the "bad decisions" you made. I'm sorry I never offered to help you. I'm sorry I never stopped to ask you how you are doing. You are an unsung hero who needs to be praised. A. Lot.

To the mom suffering with depression:

I didn't get it. When you want a baby as badly as I did, it's almost impossible to understand how a baby could bring such confusion, disorder, anxiety, and loneliness to your life. I still don't fully understand the degree of depression some women experience, but please hear me say that I am truly sorry. Your feelings and emotions are valid and I pray that you are able to find a healthy way to cope with them. I am sorry I never sought to understand because I was so blinded by my desire to be a mother.

To any other mother I judged for whatever stupid reason...I'm sorry!

Being a mother is one of the most joyful experiences I've ever had. It's something I wanted for so long, prayed for every night, dreamt about regularly. But it's also one of the harder things I have ever done. And for some reason, people judge every move you make and feel like no matter what your situation is their's is harder. So please, hear my sincere apology. You are crushing it. I am now your biggest supporter, your cheerleader, your pep squad. You go girl. You make mom-in look good!

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