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Essentials According to a New Mommy

As I created a baby registry I realized I had zero idea of what was necessary, helpful, and practical. Why on earth are there 112,358 types of high chairs, car seats, strollers, etc.? Things would be MUCH easier for new moms if there was ONE choice for each category. We, new moms are already overwhelmed by the amount of items we need to add to our home, let alone the many choices we have to make for each item...but, I digress.

I researched essential registry items on Pinterest, walked the aisles of Target (secretly) and surveyed some of my dear mommy friends. Our registry had a million things on it...but here is what I have found to be the BEST, most essential, life saving items.

This thing is a spaceship for babies and Jaylen loves it, but mommy loves it even more! Not only does it act as a swing, but the top part comes off and becomes a rocker with vibration. During the day, Jaylen swings to one of the 8 different swinging motions it offers and at night we take the top part off and have him rock on the porch with us. It is also very practical for travel! No need to bring the whole motor, just pop the top off and bring the rocker! The top part is light and easy to maneuver. Nana and Pops hit the jackpot with this purchase!

I'll admit, I thought this was the most boujee and unnecessary item ever. It's basically a Keurig for formula. Add water, add formula. It's that easy. "Why can't I just mix it on my own," was the question I asked when I was told to register for it. And then, I understood. At 3am, in the dark, holding a screaming child...a button is SO much easier to push than mixing on my own! Just place the bottle under the funnel, hit the button and bam! Bottle made at the right temperature! No spilled water, no formula (or gold depending on how you look at it) wasted on the counter from missing the bottle. The Baby Brezza also allows you to input exactly what kind of formula your baby is eating to ensure that you get the proper amount of formula. You can choose room temperature, body temperature, or a little bit warmer based on what your baby likes! It takes about 10 seconds and BAM! Your bottle is perfectly made. This thing is a dream!

Ok, you're going to laugh. But hear me out. The A&D Ointment and Butt Paste, whatever you use, is gross. It works wonders but it's gross. It gets under your nails, your hand smells like it for hours, and it doesn't really wipe off wonderfully. This Bum Brush is a butt spatula for those creams! If you are going to put together a bath/diaper gift for someone do NOT forget the bum brush. The parents will thank you!

We have been using "Happiest Baby On The Block" techniques for when Jaylen is agitated (another must for new parents!). One of the pieces of the technique is to "Shhhhhh" him very near to his ear. Well, someone brilliant created the Baby Shusher! It shushes for me! It even takes breaths like I would need to if I was shushing on me own. So, when it's time for nap time we turn on the sound machine and shusher and Jay is out in seconds.

This isn't just for babies, I recommend it for adults too! This Bible pulls out the more popular stories of the Bible, has beautiful illustrations, and tells the Bible story in a way the children can understand. The BEST part of this Bible is that even in the Old Testament stories she beautifully and clearly points the story to the coming of Jesus!

It's delicious, dry, reasonably priced and does a wonderful job of calming mommy after a long day. Need I say more?

Well, there you go! Your shopping list for your next shower. Simplicity is key I have learned. All of these gifts add simplicity to the craziness of motherhood and a newborn.


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